May 17th, 2023

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Slow Roll!

This concept has been growing in recent years across the country but especially in Buffalo.  “Slow Roll Buffalo” (SLB) is a group of people that come together and ride bikes slowly together.  Riding bikes as a group is wonderful but when you’re going 18-20mph on the roads during the Ride for Roswell or a local triathlon race, it’s a little hard to talk with one another and be fully connected.  So SLB has invited any riders of all shapes, sizes and experience levels to come together and slow down together.  Slow down to reconnect with friends.  Slow down to see the things around them better.  Slow down to relax.  Slow down to enjoy the experience differently.

This summer, I’m going to slow roll.  But not just on bikes.  Hopefully, slow roll mentally, physically and spiritually.  In this summer of renewal at St. Paul’s, I’ll be away from St. Paul’s, in town and out of town, slowing down.  My hope for the summer is to reconnect with my family, my self and God’s creation around me.  I’ll be on the west coast in National Parks, visiting family on the east coast, away in the Adirondacks and over in Ireland as well.  I’ll be on new bike paths and running on different streets in WNY.  I’ll be reading and meeting with my counselor.  I’ll be slowing down and rushing less.  And my desire for the summer is, through those experiences, find new ways to slow roll as I come back in September.  Because God has big plans for St. Paul’s over the next few years and I’m stoked to be a part of them.

My prayer for you this summer is that you’ll take some “slow roll” time wherever you are.  Slow down from the things that cause you to rush or race.  Slow down and reconnect with family and friends.  Slow down and see what God has blessed you with that is right in your midst.  

St. Paul’s is blessed to have a TON of great leaders, led by Pastor Kristen over the summer.  I am thankful for their faithful leadership, gifts and commitment.  This weekend, along with the Solidarity Slow Roll Ride on Saturday at 9:30am, we will celebrate our leaders in worship on Saturday and Sunday, along with welcoming new missionaries on Sunday morning.

This summer, may we slow roll.  Wherever you are and whatever that can look like for you.  As you do, may God’s blessings pour over you and may they be super easy to see!

Lord, thank you Lord for the invitation to slow roll.  Amen

Still in One Peace,


“ps from ps” will pick back up in the fall of 2023