October 4th, 2023

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Been awhile since I wrote one of these, eh?  So long that Mailchimp has changed the platforms, etc.  So we’re starting from scratch…or maybe halftime or the third quarter.

Halftime.  It’s that great gift during a football game to breathe, use the bathroom, go get some fresh snacks and refill your pop.  But for the players, it a wonderful time to rest and reconnect with their Coach.

This Sunday, we’re adding an extra worship time before the Bills game in London.  Basically it’s for people like me with screwed up priorities.  However, if you live in WNY, you know that churches can’t “beat” the Bills.  So it’s another week that we audible and take church to where people will be: bars and restaurants!

We’re going to have a service at 8:30am at the Tavern at Windsor Park on Transit Rd in Williamsville.  And the shape of the service will be similar to the flow of the game:

Gather and Put On The Uniform – This will be our time to get together, name who God is and who we are.  We’ll recognize what team we are on, that we’re all going to give it 110%, but most likely will get a penalty of two.  But we’ll also hear the Coach’s forgiveness and grace. (Confession)

Game Plan – We’ll hear what Coach wants for us, the plans he has for us, the victory that has already been won and our invitation to live into it. (Scripture)

Coach’s Halftime Speech – Coach will gather us together to refuel and redirect.  How has our first half gone?  What tweaks do we need to make for the second half? (Sermon)

Hail Mary Prayers – When the game gets close to the end and things are tight, we realize it’s out of our hands and into the Coach’s love and care for the whole team.  (Prayers)

Post Game Handshakes – We meet and greet others on the team.  Pat them on the back.  Lift them up.  Congratulate and console. (Sharing the Peace)

24-hour Rule – No matter what happens, we leave the time with a little celebration or disappointment and we go into the world ready for the next.  (Blessing and Sending)

Join us if you’re free (please call the restaurant for reservations because we are almost full – 716-689-6600) or maybe your local church will have the same format in their church too.

Either way, I’m just wondering – what would Coach say to you at Halftime?  What do you need to hear?  Both to motivate you or correct you?  The gospels are full of speeches from Jesus to the disciples.  How does that team respond?  

And how do we?

Either way, it’s good to be on this Team!

Still in One Peace