October 18th, 2023

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Who is your lead blocker?  Have you thanked them?

And who are you blocking for?  Is there someone that needs a lane cleared?

I’m thinking about preaching on Isaiah 45 this weekend.  It’s a great story of God telling Isaiah to anoint this guy Cyrus to be the leader of the chosen people and get them out of exile.  It’s a big role.  God elevates Cyrus to a messiah-like level….like a Miley Cyrus-like level but different!  But then, God reminds Isaiah, Cyrus and the chosen people, that God will be their lead blocker!

(Obligatory football reference because we’re in the middle of football season). On the football field, the lead blocker is a huge need if the ball carrier is going to be successful.  They do the hardest work.  They find the first obstacle and move it out of the way.  They take on the toughest stuff and clear the path.  

The Isaiah 45 story goes on to tell the people that God will be that blocker!  Gcd as Lead Blocker will: subdue nations, open doors, break walls into pieces, form light and more.  God will “go before us to show us they way.”  Take on the hard stuff.  Do the hard work.  Defeat the first obstacle.  Remove things from the path.

Let me fast forward from Isaiah 45 to the tail end of every gospel where we learn that Jesus has done that for us on a cross and through the celebration of Easter morning.  Taking on that hard cross.  Doing the work of redemption.  Defeating death and the Devil.  Removing any separation from us and God eternally.  Lead blocking for our success.

Now let me be clear, God is no Snowplow Parent.  That’s different.  (Google that if you’re unsure of the reference). There will be (mix of football and Bible references coming up…) dark shadows, unexpected tackles, fumbles, crosses to bear and valleys to move through.  God doesn’t promise a snowplow in front of us.  We will feel the hardships and they each have an opportunity to teach us.  And good news, God does promise to tackle those challenges together.

So if God is our macro-Lead Blocker….who is our micro one?  Who has helped us in the toughest of moments and cleared the way, helped remove obstacles and more?  Have we taken a chance to thank them for that?  Can we reach out to someone this week?

And who can we block for?  Maybe for one play or a whole series?  Who can we set up for success or walk with as they battle the toughest stuff?

Thank you God for Lead Blocking for us.  May we share in that share role for the world around us.  Amen

Still in One Peace