November 1st, 2023

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All Saints Day.

It’s a “lesser” tradition in the Church calendar, but a super important one.  There are many people that would classify themselves as “Christmas/Easter people,” meaning that they go to church on these two big holy-days.  But there’s not many people that would call themselves “Reformation/All Saints People.”  But maybe more of us should!

This day (and the church services this weekend) will be about the “saints that have gone before us.”  While Reformation Day the week before reminds us that we are ALL saints and children of God, this day is about remembering all the saints that have gone before us into eternal life.  (See the promise of Easter for details)

Churches have various traditions in their worship times together – lighting candles to represent the light those people brought to the world, posting pictures of the faces of those we love and some, like St. Paul’s, will write names out on clouds and surround the sanctuary with them as the “great cloud of witnesses” around us.

The remember is bittersweet.  But it’s important .  In many cultural traditions, saying the names of our ancestors out loud keeps their memories and spirit alive around us.  

So I want to invite you to take some space and time today to remember your saints – those that have impacted, shaped, directed and carried you – recently or a long time ago.  Look through the pictures.  Read the letters you might still have.  The articles about them.  The stories they helped create.  Call/Text your loved ones that knew them as well and keep those stories alive.

Shed the tears if they come.  Enjoy the laughter if it comes.  But in all things, give thanks for them.  Give thanks in the confidence that they have entered the Promise.  They have finished the race and won the victory because of Easter morning.  And live into their best for those you can impact by carrying their story forward.

Lord, thank you for the saints, especially……….  Amen

Still in One Peace