December 13th, 2023

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It’s so simple!!  And adorable!!  This story.  Christ coming.  Christ here.  And yet so much gets in the way of it.

The picture above is my costume for the Children’s Christmas Pageant, minus Alice the camel.  I want to use this as the Sunday bulletin cover but got voted down by….well…the entire staff.  So we decided to use one that includes the adorable kids that did the pageant last year.  

It’s an adorable week right?  (Well, except for the above shepherd). Having the kids up front acting out and reading the parts of the story is always adorable.  But when we say “adorable” in relation to this story, we are usually relating it to the cute sheep, angels and other three foot high kids acting out the story.  Cute.  Cuddly.  Funny.  And adorable! 

But that word is an extension of adore, which has a very different meaning.  Adore – to worship; to love and respect deeply.  

When we see this story acted out this Sunday or hear it read next weekend at Christmas Eve services, it is just that, adore-able.  An incredible message of God coming to us, to be worshipped, to love and respect deeply.

My prayer for you over these next few days leading up to Christmas is that you will get BOTH versions of this word.   That you will see some adorable things at the pageant, around your tree and table at home.  But more so that you will have time and space to adore the Christ child born to us, bringing God’s presence to us in a real and tangible way, for us to love and respect deeply.

Adorably adore-able.

O Come, let us adore him.  Amen

Still in One Peace