January 19th, 2024

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ps from ps “Slow down, you move too fast.  You’ve got to make the morning last…”

 Dating myself here, but I love that Simon and Garfunkel song!  It’s all about slowing down.  Feeling groovy.

 Have you slowed down at all this week?  And when you did, did you feel groovy?

 Maybe you are in the 716 and have somewhere between 6 inches and 6 feet of snow?  (Those two numbers may only be separated by three miles!). School/Work/Stores/Games/Restaurants/Roads closed and slowed you down?  Or maybe you had foot surgery and can’t really walk at all yet?  This week, I experienced both so I got double slowed down.  Wasn’t feeling very groovy pre-surgery because I knew the snow was coming and at 9685 Hilton Dr, I am the CES….Chief Executive Snowblower.  Michelle assured me this would be no problem, quoting Genesis where God created us to be partners and have equal snowplowing spiritual gifts.  (Genesis ?:??….Genesis somewhere, I’m sure). 

So the snow came, she readied the plow after a brief re-training, started her up, and bingo!  All good.  Put the plow in gear and……six feet in, she died.  The plow, that is!!!   And the flakes kept coming.

 Slow down, this morning is going to last a loooong time.  Not feeling groovy.  

 Until we slowed down enough to hear it.  That sound.  That beautiful sound!  The sound of other snowblowers growing as they moved up the street toward our house.  And then, like the glorious light of a new day’s dawn, two of my neighbors showed up with their snowblowers and cleared the whole driveway.  And then later cleared it again.  And then later cleared it again.  (Welcome to Buffalo Lake Effect snow).  And I was feeling groovy!

 Why do I share this story.  (1) Because I’m bored and can’t get out too much yet to get around anywhere.  But (2) and way more importantly, when you slow down and don’t panic, things usually work out.  God has a way of showing us that again and again but we are sometimes traveling too fast or the world is spinning too fast or the flakes are coming down too fast for us to see.  God’s active and groovy.  

 So (3), can you be part of God’s action today?  As stated in Genesis, you are created with gifts to be stewards of the world.  Can you take those gifts up the street for others in need?  Paul refers to them again in the New Testament: compassion, grace, teaching, empathy, snowplowing, phone calling, driving, meal making, money sharing and more.  (Cor ?:??…Somewhere Paul said all these types of things in the NT)

 We’re going to get to worship in person this weekend!  Very exciting.  And when we do, we’ll slow down together, see it, name it, and be thankful for it.  Can we slow down today and see it too?  If you do, I bet you’ll feel groovy.

Lord, thanks for being active, Amen

Still in One Peace,