February 7th, 2024

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ps from ps
“Swing hard in case you make contact.”  That’s one of my favorite phrases for my golf game.  And my life game I guess.

 And certainly, our church game!

 We don’t have to be in church to be IN church.  In fact, I bet if you look around today, you’re going to see it.  And hopefully you will see it in action.  Check out this quick clip to see where I saw church this weekend by clicking HERE.

What I loved about the Snowball Classic is that even the bad shots were STILL church.  $13,000 raised to battle hunger from both good and bad shots!  

God doesn’t ask us to be perfect.  God invites us to just be active.  Swinging away.  Today I hope and pray you’ll see church around you.  Look in the mirror…there’s church.  Take a selfie…there’s church.  Go to work or school…there’s church.  Gather around the table for your meal…there’s church.

Let me know where church is for you today!  I know that wherever you go, it’ll be right there.

Lord, open my eyes and let me see….be…church, Amen

Still in One Peace,