April 10th, 2024

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ps from ps 

It’s always strange taking down the cross.

Whether it’s Easter or Christmas, there’s always a “break down” time where we box up or put back in the attic or basement some of the extras that make these sacred days even more special.

Without the lilies, poinsettias, Christmas trees, cross and “extra stuff”, the sanctuary looks fairly plain.  Regular.  Ordinary.  

What’s interesting is the season that comes after Easter through Pentecost is sometimes referred to as just that: ordinary days.  In fact, that’s what Christmas and Easter are more about: the extraordinary for the ordinary days.  

Some days…many days..I feel fairly ordinary myself.  Down.  Loneliness can creep in.  Far away from Easter and Christmas moments.  Like a moon has blocked out the light and the clouds blocked out the moon!  Down right ordinary.

But during that eclipse on Monday, even though it seemed ordinary because of all the clouds blocking my view, there was something extraordinary happening behind it all: darkness for 3 minutes, temps dropping, tree frogs starting to ribbit because they thought it was night and then the birds starting to chirp as the sun arrived back, as if it was the morning dawn.  

Even in the ordinary times, the extraordinary has happened.  The Word became flesh.  And gave his life.  And conquered death itself.  And the light overcame the darkness.

If you feel ordinary today, that’s OK.  Because the extraordinary still happened whether you saw it or not.  So it’s OK, put the “extra stuff” away.  It’s nice, but not the main part of the story.  You are.  And God’s extraordinary love for you.

Lord, thanks for the ordinary moments that can reveal the extraordinary!  Amen

Still in One Peace,