May 8th, 2024

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We had a vote last weekend at church.  The early church will have their vote next weekend.

Last weekend at St. Paul’s, we had our annual meeting and in it, we elected new Council members.  They will be leaders of the church over the next three years.  I’m thankful for the folks that allowed their names to be lifted up.  It’s a risk to put yourself out there.  

Remember high school?  Ever run for an office back then?  Class President?  Student Council?  Maybe you made signs or hung posters or bought votes through buying people that extra little carton of milk?  Either way, it’s a risk to put yourself out there.

In Acts chapter 1, the disciples are licking their wounds and re-grouping now that they’ve had multiple interactions with Resurrected Jesus.  As they get their ducks in a row and they lift up two people to take the place of Judas, who sort of flamed out (no pun intended).  Barsabbas and Matthias.  They pray.  They trust in God’s guidance.  Matthias it is!

One went on to serve but thanks be to God for both of them.  Matthias got the new gig but whatever happened with Barsabbas?  Not 100% sure, but we do have another sighting of a guy named Barsabbas in Acts 15.  (I mean how many guys could be named Barsabbas back then, right?  Like, how many churches could be named St. Paul’s today, right?). Either way, he went to use his gifts to help in other ways build the church and allow God’s kingdom to break in.  He risked, and it still worked out in ways that were a blessing to God.

I’m not sure what today will hold for you, but I hope you’ll be willing to take that risk.  To put yourself out there and trust in God’s plan.  To allow God to set in you the right time and right place to help build God’s kingdom.

You may not need to run for an office to do it.  But certainly, God knows you.  Knows your gifts.  Gave them to you in the amazing creation that is YOU.  May you take that chance today.  Step out.  Step forward.  Rebound and move into the next.  And allow yourself to be a blessing in God’s plan.

Lord, take me where you need me to go, meet who you need me to meet, say what you need me to say and keep me out of the way.  Amen.  (Prayer of Father Michael Judge, chaplain for the FDNY who died on 9/11)  

Still in One Peace,