May 15th, 2024

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ps from ps 

I’m sitting on a train.  Next to my Dad.  And we’re going on a journey.  In fact, he might be reading over my shoulder.  Luckily, the font is so small he can’t read it.  (And for full disclosure, I can’t anymore either without readers)

We’re heading to Manhattan and Brooklyn, childhood home of one Chick Biegner.  He wanted to see everything over there one more time and isn’t able to travel there on his own..  (And for full disclosure, I probably shouldn’t be able to travel on my own anymore without my readers.)

I guess I’m here to help him have a good trip and see as many things as he wants to see.  I’m an advocate of sorts.

Not The Advocate.  Just an advocate.

This coming weekend, in church we remember when The Advocate arrived for the train trip the first time.  In Acts 2, the promised Advocate, the Holy Spirit, descends on the people and creates the church – and oh what a journey they are in for as they become the beginnings of the Church.

Jesus had been telling them – The Advocate is coming.  He’s going to come up beside you and journey with you.  Watch over you and care for you.  Lead you and guide you.  And stay with you!  God’s present and presence.  

And The Advocate never left.  Couple thousand years later, that same Advocate rides with me and my pops on a train to NYC.  That same Advocate rides with St. Paul’s.  That same Advocate meets us in community and the meal we gather around.  That same Advocate sits with you.

The Advocate doesn’t “take the wheel” or whatever the song says about Jesus.  Taking the wheel is our job.  But that Advocate that arrived on your train through your baptism will journey with you as you drive, sit in the passenger seat or let the conductor move you forward on the tracks.  Leading.  Guiding.  Caring.  Loving.

My dad and I do not travel alone today.  You do not make your trip alone.  You have an Advocate with you. God’s present and presence.  

Lord, thanks for being on the trip with me.  Amen 

Still in One Peace,