May 22nd, 2024

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ps from ps 

I’ve settled in at about a 37% pass rate for the “I’m Not A Robot” test.  Who knew that bicycles and stop lights would be such a problem?  Or maybe I really am becoming a robot?

Anything ever make you question who you really are?  Or maybe tougher yet, ever question who God really is?

This weekend we celebrate Holy Trinity Weekend.  It’s the weekend in the church year where the pastor has the greatest percentage possibility to over theologize a sermon and completely confuse everyone.  Good luck at St. Paul’s Kristen!!

However, it’s actually a gift.  Because it’s mainly just a reminder that God is big and multiple personalities.  And that’s not from a tough mental health diagnosis perspective.  That’s from a God wants you to know and experience God in many and various ways perspective.  

How’s this: Essentially God is one of those “I Am Not A Robot” quizzes but every box (all three of them) is one aspect of God and all checked boxes are correct!

Ok, maybe that’s a reach.  

I’m just trying to remind you that God as Creator, Savior and Guide really loves you a ton and wants you to be able to access that God-ness love in a bunch of ways.

That’s all.  

Or maybe that’s what the robot wants.  

Either way, that’s the deal.  Happy Holy Trinity Weekend!

Lord, thanks for being so big that it hurts my head.  Amen 

Still in One Peace,