May 29th, 2024

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“Sabbath was made for humankind, not humankind for the sabbath; therefore the Son of Man is Lord even on the sabbath.” – Jesus, to the Pharisees that were trying to trip him up in Mark’s gospel

Sabbath.  Sunday for us Christians.  Or Saturday maybe.  

The time isn’t as important as the space.  And the intention.  And the community around you.  And the God who gifted you with it and will meet you in it.

My dad is going to preach with me this weekend.  It’s like “Bring Your Dad to Work Day.”  It’s his 60th Anniversary of his ordination so we thought we’d do a thing together.  

He was always a big stickler for Sunday morning.  That was the sabbath.  As a kid, it was church and not much else.  No buying gas or going to the store.  I recall him saying: “People shouldn’t have to work on Sundays”…which was fairly ironic because he was working on Sundays and now I do too.  

But is it really the day or time that’s the key factor?  Because Jesus never does pick out his favorite Sunday service start time.  What does does give us comes from this verse:

1.  We are given a gift to take some sabbath- reconnections, rest, restoration, recreation – time with God and community.
2.  We shouldn’t assume that it’s only one way/one time/my-way-or-the-highway or then we’re as bad the Pharisees that were accusing Jesus back then.
3.  Whenever we intentionally take it, we will see and feel God there.

Life is challenging now.  Culture is demanding.  Priorities pull us in multiple directions.

Jesus just wants us to know we are God’s priority.  And that God invites us to give that relationship with Jesus and others in the church to spend time each week for reconnection, rest, restoration and recreation.  

What can that space look like for you?

Lord, help me focus on keeping some sabbath with you.  Amen 

Still in One Peace,