June 5th, 2024

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ps from ps 

It’s so close.  You can almost see it.  Taste it.  

The last day of school!  

When I was a full time student, I was completely locked in and focused until the final bell each June.  Ready, attentive and prepared for every question and test.  Sort of.  Not really.

I do wish we had more stories of what it was like when Jesus was teaching on the mount, or at the lake shore, or in the temple and hear more about the level of “focus” from the disciples.  Were they locked in all the time?  Sort of.  Not really.

I mean we can see when they often reply and missed Jesus’ teachable moment completely.  “Turn the hungry away Lord. THere’s too many.”  “Not that one Jesus.  He’s from Samaria.”  “Keep away from her.  She been around the block.”

And yet Jesus keeps working on them.

And yet Jesus keeps working on us.

I give thanks that Jesus, through God’s living Word and the Holy Spirit, keeps that work up.  I give thanks for the teachers, staff and leaders at our schools that do the same thing.  

Summer is almost here.  And so is the end of school.  Reach out to school staff, teachers and professors and thank them for their continued work and upcoming rest.  The last day of school is close.

But not for our discipleship.  That education powers on!  Give thanks with me that the Holy Spirit continues on with us, in our study, work and rest.  May your summer be filled with moments to be locked in and focused on God’s love and calling for you
Lord, keep the teaching up!  Thank you!.  Amen 

Still in One Peace,