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ps from ps

ps from ps 
What are you waiting for?

Often when we ask this question, we’re wanting an answer from ourselves or someone else.  And we’re wanting it quickly!  Generally, we like answers asap.

This week, we were shooting some worship services for Church Unleashed at Lake Chautauqua Lutheran Center.  We decided to do the endings of some of our services around a campfire, much like we do during an actual camp programming day.  

So Pastor Roger left to head to the Council Ring to get the fire started while we finished up some other parts of the services.  When the pastors and crew arrived, the fire was staged and ready to go.  “Ok,” Roger said, “Here we go.”  And he put match to wood…on one of the strangest shaped fires we’d all ever seen.  

And we waited.  And we waited.

And we waited.

After many minutes and several jokes, one of our crew grabbed some extra paper and placing it in the fire, ignited a beautiful blazing campfire.

What are you waiting for?  And can you wait patiently just a little longer so that the extra help and ignition might come along?

Jesus tells a parallel about a sower that went out to sow and he threw the seed extravagantly everywhere he walked.  Some fell on good soil and some fell on rocks and road.  Some ignited with growth and some just smoldered.  

However, even the seeds that fell on the best places needed some help.  And they needed some time.  And space.  And air.  And water.  And sunlight.  And God’s nurturing creation to do its thing!  

Maybe we need that time too.  And that space.  And the nurturing.  And the extra paper.  And God’s process of faithful waiting to yield a beautiful crop.

What are you waiting for?

As you wait today, can you give it a little more time?  Can you allow for more space that God could come along with a little “extra” to fuel the ignition?  Can you hold out and not rush God’s nurturing?  

That sower is throwing seed extravagantly for you today.  May we give God time.

Lord, please help me be patient and assist with lighting the fire.  Amen 

Still in One Peace,