Chairperson:  Todd Vahue


Ushers are the men and women who distribute bulletins, bring our gifts of money, bread, and wine to the altar, provide assistance to anyone in need, and make St. Paul’s sanctuary ready for the next worship service. Our ushers provide an invaluable service to St. Paul’s, one that is done faithfully for every worship service. An usher team may be family members, friends, or just volunteers who wish to assist in the worship life of St. Paul’s.

If you would like information about this service to St. Paul’s or you would like to become a part of this group, please contact:

Todd Vahue

Phone:  634-2428

Worship Assistants

Chairperson:  David Wolf

worship min

Worship Assistants are a vital part of our worship services.  They light and extinguish the candles, carry the Cross, receive the offering and assist with communion.  All young people who have received their First Communion may serve as Worship Assistants.
Contact Mr. Dave (David Wolf) at 741-9763