1901 – 1939

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  1. Mary Wolf

    1900 – new parsonage built for Rev, Burk
    1911 – Sanctuary electrified, stained glass windows installed (with small alterations, the same ones we still have)
    1917-18 – two parishioners died in World War 1 – Albert Abt and Charles Halm
    1918 – Last German Confirmation
    1920-1932 – Rev. George Schettler
    1928 – First Parish Hall built to accommodate growing Sunday School
    1932-1939 – Rev. Gustav Huf
    1933-34 – Major renovations to church building – moved back from Main St. 86 feet to allow NY State to straighten curve in Main St. (which still hasn’t happened!), faced in brick, central heating, installed – much of the work accomplished by parishioners
    1934 – 1872 Constitution abrogated and new constitution adopted as St. Paul’s became part of the United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA)


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